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Girl as Goddess
Diana, smiling at the moon -
you are more graceful than my hound,
that grecian nose of yours into everything
and your chin a peak to climb.
Put aside your lipstick and your novels,
the sandwich mother packed for you
and those leather sandals,
Our brothers are waiting
and the sun is on its way
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 30 6
Dressed like a civilian,
he only comes
to maim
(No one is watching
the house tonight)
Tin cans line the porch rail
as if they had all
the time in the world to flee,
just waiting for a shot
to fracture the silence.
The air is a blister.
It swells his feet and hands,
his heavy jowls
dragging down the walls.
The rocker waits for him,
guessing his mood
and the weight
of his heart
as he sprawls into the wood
and shifts his face.
A last glance at the door
and the windows staring
back at the yard.
He can feel the sleight of hand,
the slow turn of the screw
and knows the fire
has gone out.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 32 10
True West
I found you
at true west,
your hair tucked back
beneath your collar.
I had strong hands -
lean fingers
that splayed their mirth
across your collar bone.
I could almost wear you
inside out
like shearling,
a small animal
warm and curling
underneath the forest floor.
I am always late you said,
pulling out a cigarette
like you expected
an answer;
but all I could do
was stare out
at the sun
chewing my lip
and wondering
if you remembered
my name.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 46 20
He left her
to clean up his mess
again -
laundry that never saw
the light of day
and those strange stains
inside the kitchen sink-
coffee, or maybe last Tuesday's dinner.
The kitchen floor
looked hungry
and angry
in the morning light,
a thin sheen of sweat
bubbling up the floorboards
and the cat's bowl
wanted filling once again.
She dusted other women
off the bed frame
and guessed whose red hair
flamed against the mirror
and wondered why
they never hung
their dresses up.
She sorted out his socks
searching for the mates
and left the bedroom drapes
soaking in the sink.
Men are messy children -
no pride in hearth or home.
And mothers
are just avenging angels.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 51 32
I almost caught you waiting for a sign -
a token under his knapsack
a traffic light beating the sky
You mistook him for beauty
ethereal waste
and the worn out shock
of his questions
filling your head to the brim
and hiding in the corners
What do you see in him
empty houses
with gaping doors
and the harsh gag
of September sun
crouching down in the pipes
waiting to explode
He fought the good fight
you said
brazen as a lizard
and thrashing
fluid filling the space between you
like a leviathan
Where your insides
felt safe from the crowd
and night's shade
grew such long disturbing shadows
and I never knew
we existed.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 45 12
Still Waiting
Godot never came
did he?
Maybe he took the wrong train
or got waylaid at a bar -
enraptured by the perfume
kissing the throats of housewives
let out on holiday.
Perhaps the map was wrong
and that neat red line
you believed was gospel
really took him to Kathmandu
or one of those places
you swore you'd visit
when you grew up.
Maybe he got on a plane instead -
something with a number
headed to Detroit
and crashed over the Andes
where no one was saved
except the fuselage.
So you are still waiting,
waiting for his hand
to turn your other cheek,
waiting for a sign
that he still lives nearby
and just forgot
to be a comet
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 43 25
Careless Magic
I am not one for careless magic.
I like things
when they disappear
or hide themselves up the sleeves
of your coat.
I like the cards you put in piles,
the way the paper quivers
as I poke at them when you are not looking.
I like the tiny balls and marbles
the agate eyes of cats
and birds you juggle with
a nimble smile
as if asking me to count them
or try and steal them back.
I like the colors of the scarves that lead
to nowhere
the flagrant red silk squares and yellow
cloths - flags of summer
parading through the yard.
You pluck rabbits from my hat,
from the collar of my shirt -
and peel back the white pelts,
pink skin slick and trembling
with your sleight of hand
pressing against my lips.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 54 25
She did not know
how long it had been ten o'clock -
ever since last week
when the neighbors
refused to stand
on the porch
knocking on the door any longer.
They just want to come in
and look at things
her brother said
and to maybe steal
gram's silver locket
or those maps
dad kept at the bottom
of his dresser.
They want to stare
at gram in her coffin
and guess how much it cost
and who picked out her dress.
And then they will see
there is nothing in the kitchen
but canned beans and radishes.
So they will go home
and cook lamb stew
and soup with spelt and marrow.
They will notice
you have not washed your hair,
that the pits of your shirt
are stained
and your hem drags
below your knees;
that the dogs have left
and the water
has been shut off.
Then they will want
to pack us off to total strangers
who change the syllables
in our names to something new
and we will go to school
every day,
our socks pulled up and clean
and church every Sunday
where we wil sit
with hands folded
and tell them how
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 33 23
Devil's Bay - Virgin Gorda, BVIs by Poetrymann Devil's Bay - Virgin Gorda, BVIs :iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 41 7
So, I'm lost again in Bohemia
with my French cuffs
              still dragging
                   through the wine;
but they say my slippers
                        are quite elegant,
a statement in
            Italian leather
(or a letter from my lover)
and I smoke a gold tipped
   a duchess
            or a greedy centipede -
my hands all gesturing at
sucking conversation from the thieves and courtesans
in my bed.
I was once a painting -
something borrowed from Gainsborough
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 90 42
Window View by Poetrymann Window View :iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 31 9 Bar Scene by Poetrymann Bar Scene :iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 28 2 Sunset Sail by Poetrymann Sunset Sail :iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 78 20
They die too loudly here -
a barking, trumpeting sound
that keeps everyone else
Some say it is the salt
in the water
tickling through the IV
or the televisions or microwaves
talking in each room.
I can hear the hum of metal
each time the nurse
shifts her skirt
or leans over
to tie her shoes.
They come too close
to us,
afraid of camoflauge
of the smell of orange
and then pretend
they did not mean it.
Lunch is biscuits
and rice pudding or
green jello in a styrofoam cup
and a straw
puncturing a carton of milk.
At night we play cards -
spades or hearts
or dominoes with tiles
someone's uncle left behind
or forgot to put away.
And we will sleep
at some point,
some urgent need
to avoid pollution -
a small white pill
hidden under our tongues
for good luck
As we toss under
little fevers
and damp blankets,
pretending the corridors
will keep their distance.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 58 44
My tongue swells like a gallows
and sticks to the roof of
my mouth each time I say deliverance.
The doctor says it is only
temporary and that I will
get over it in time.
Some mornings I wake up as a
poet - a random man of bones
and meat, clattering down the
sidewalks, hardly breathing
and afraid to move too quickly.
Once I fried an egg on the battery
of my car because I wanted to
see the summer heat rise up
like angels and tangle in the
power lines, knowing I am God's annointed.
The nurse says it's ridiculous,
that I should know better
that morphine will not kill me
and I can still step on cracks
without the world slipping through
but I won't get caught like last time
because crucifixion is a bitch
and I have nothing left
inside my pockets
for you to taste.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 82 32
The lovely violence
of your words -
desperate feedback
where I sit on the train
wondering why this city
rolls its streets in
so early.
You were innocent -
except for that sigh
that swung between your hips;
and I swear I
never saw it coming -
blank verse and vowels
left trembling
and all your gods
come out to play.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 76 13

Random Favourites

No Malice Shown -Owl Poem -Clive Blake -Clive Live by CliveBlake No Malice Shown -Owl Poem -Clive Blake -Clive Live :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 390 116 The Escape by Child7 The Escape :iconchild7:Child7 12 2 This Heart is Made of Glass by billabong2011 This Heart is Made of Glass :iconbillabong2011:billabong2011 122 80 FEZ ENTRY - SCOUT by johnbecaro FEZ ENTRY - SCOUT :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 655 57 Pained Rebirth by Sorshart Pained Rebirth :iconsorshart:Sorshart 12 6 ___-___ by BOBBb12345 ___-___ :iconbobbb12345:BOBBb12345 52 8 cyan flow by Lisa-M-T cyan flow :iconlisa-m-t:Lisa-M-T 70 15 Midnight Masquerade by peridot-magelette Midnight Masquerade :iconperidot-magelette:peridot-magelette 2 0
More Alone with Others
Why would
it matter,
if I am all alone?
No one sees,
no one cares.
I remain invisible,
Why do I bother
I dislike myself,
despise my body.
See no point in
my life.
I feel most
when I am
surrounded by
those who 'love' me.
I wish
I could just,
feel  alive again.
I feel so tired,
all the time.
You plead
with me,
beg me to
talk to you,
tell you what's wrong.
Nothing is wrong.
I just feel, dead.
You don't understand,
so I say nothing.
And you get
And yell,
one more time.
My tears fall silently,
trying to hide my pain.
I see who I
used to be.
I loved myself,
I miss me,
but I don't
see a way
back to her.
I wish,
I could feel
alive again.
:iconpoet4jesus16:poet4jesus16 6 9
she had always been
she had always been a faerie, with her
delicately damasked wings
and silver, sparkling dust;
otherworldly secrets in her fathomless eyes
and shimmering stories on the edge of her tongue.
she resided in eerie twilight,
dwelling in the delicate balance between
consciousness and dreams
and lining her lurid lair with
once or twice, she appeared before me,
glistening with the morning dew
of another world.
in these times, she would smile sagely,
singing as a siren
whose songs only
I do not know why she came
perhaps only to prove to us
that magic still
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 14 17
Swift's swallow is such an enigmatic bird.
A confused bird.
When the storms knock everyone else down,
He dances on currents,
Swoops in joyful loops as he cries
For broken nests
And fallen nestlings.
I see much of myself in him.
:iconmimitrammell:MimiTrammell 3 7
Little summer girl by Ruskatukka Little summer girl :iconruskatukka:Ruskatukka 41 8 52. Deep in Thought by shin-no-e 52. Deep in Thought :iconshin-no-e:shin-no-e 3 3
Those were most fortunate who had been part of it. Their youth flowered in the settings that the great man's house provided. In later years they would freely embellish their stories of what had happened there, knowing how easily legend could absorb the inaccuracies that memory cannot help but create. I came too late. I learned only at second hand of magical transformations that each evening could bring, when the building all but exploded with the vivacity of all those it contained.
Shall I say that I picked over the bones of other people's experience, having disinterred them from pages of diaries, letters and newspapers? Or shall I say that all that matter was the kindling for the blazing recreation that my dreams achieved? All those casually recorded moments fused in sentences, each one pregnant with that mythic past.
I even managed to possess at last the bricks and mortar. I determined to create a shrine for all who wanted to marvel and admire the afterglow of that prodigious
:iconalecbell:AlecBell 6 25
You always tell me I'm handsome,
And I always say you're wrong,
So I thought I'd settle this right now,
By writing you this song
You are so beautiful,
I can't take my eyes off you,
And it doesn't matter what you ask,
I'd do anything for you
Like a supernova,
I am blinded by your smile,
And all I can do is love you,
For the rest of my life...!
You are my supernova,
More brilliant everyday,
It's true
I am just a pale, pale candle,
When I am compared to you
You are my supernova,
The brightest thing in my sky
You are my supernova,
And without your light,
I'd die
You are so beautiful,
And I love to see you laugh,
Sometimes I try to look away,
But I find that I can't
Like a supernova,
You are seared into my mind,
And all I can do is love you,
Until the end of time...!
You are my supernova,
More brilliant everyday,
It's true
I am just a pale, pale candle,
When I am compared to you
You are my supernova,
The brightest thing in my sky
You are my supernova,
And without your light,
I'd die
I might
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 59 145



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Wonderful Art!!

Sat Sep 2, 2017, 12:44 PM

Whenever I do a feature, I feel overwhelmed. The wealth of talent (most of it unrecognized) on this site is staggering!If I can in some small way help to get your brilliant work seen by more people,  will be satisfied. Bravo to you all!

Sweetest SmokeI remember when
We collided
How you bruised me then
Beautiful flower
Indelibly indigo
Upon my white-throated youth
A plea snatched from my mouth
To feel the slow burn
Twisting into my skin
Branding the pillow of my thighs
In acrid smoke
Sweet and bitterhigh
Ash into the sky
Gasping and watery
Cigarette burns behind my eyes.
I like the word –
It draws out sweet and hushed
Of smoke within, without;
Rolling forth between tongue and tooth
Sip, un-sip
I daren’t draw that sound
From out the depths of your bitters –
That glow a damnation –
Lest they wink out sweet and high
Irretrievably into the nigh-tte.
Frenchly Fair and Bangkok TokyoGoing with my friend to Frenchly Fair  
in Bangkok Tokyo  
Play with the danger boys in beds at Casino Monte Carlo  
Investing in bonds and Aston Martins  
sport racing DBs  
trying real hard to outrun death and disease  
I think we're gonna make it!  
Are you excited!? I'm excited!!  
Scared really stiff!  
I can't wait for the cliffhanger and the credits  
but of course I'll have to  
Come with me and hold my hand  
Boy we're going to have a great time!  
Are you coming?  
Got your pistol loaded?  
which model, a Colt 1911 45 ACP?  
Yeah that's the one we need!
Am I too excitable?  
Yeah, but I like being high  
Come on while the star is shining bright  
Frenchly Fair and Bangkok Tokyo by Lancelot Price 2017  August 10 and hot, so hot
Morgena clear gray splash clings,
cleaves to the ribs
of the grass,
its fingers slipping down
along the sharp brawny husk
of the strong, plastic blade.
green elastic-band backs surrender to some other truth,
dip softly into a melting point. this morning dance, the minute ballet.
a periwinkle ribbon,
the satin mist tied into her hair.
she spins widdershins.
her polka-dot dress
the wind stirring the fields.
Don't tell me what I'm missing...       Fallen dying last words bled
       cheek bones for days is what she said
       your beauty cushioned in a pool of red
        softens the struggle with the life you led.
        Oh anxiety spike i match your dread
   your bounty, your choice alive or dead, it reads like a cut from a Killers line
          ...coming out of that cage feeling just fine ..
        strutting charmed fusing power
              drop dead looks
                  bloomed storms of flowers.
will never plant another
jalapeno pepper
for a man i love.
i don’t know if there’s magic
to it, or just bad luck
but as soon as roots
curl into fertile soil,
fingers start to uncurl
from my hair
like one space can only spare
so much heat--
and peppers will grow
when people won’t
and how can i feel lonely
when i know that?
it’s just the nature of things.
I want to rip that plant
out of the ground because
i feel like it’s laughing at me,
but one of us deserves to blossom.
i’m so mad at it for
being here still, when
he’s not. but
shouldn’t i be grateful?
thank you for staying,
even though I
am imperfect and you
are planted in the shade
instead of the sun, because
that was the best i could
offer you.
and shouldn’t I wish
that i could offer full sun,
and shouldn’t i be thankful
that he can find it without me,
because doesn’t he deserve it?
my light is steady
but small, and i
was easily eclipsed, and he
was so big, he
was a

7th Sea: Vodacce by Tanzenkat Eye Contact by myekeh Hawaiian Flower by creativemikey Wild by RawPoetry Rainier Sunset by RawPoetry
Japanese GardenFaded brass,
Stone floors cold and smooth,
Curling smoke.
Jagged path,
Stone lanterns glitter,
On the pond.
As you walk,
A shadow plays tricks,
Koi dart away.
Rough chipped wood,
A red railing curves
At the bridge.
Not long now,
Tea will be brewing,,
In your home.
Volume 8. Prisma Fragments---
a sigh of wanderlust
a quiet mumble
enveloped, woven
across the garden
visiting memorials
of past lives
dust collects
sun-bleached lights
illuminated prisms
reflected from earth
atoms in the lattice
a quantum epilogue
the sound of silence
a momentary affair
a final blank verse
the fine line of
death and resurrection
the eternal return
in the mood for rain
an invitation for us
washing our feet
in rushing rivulets
we walk together
speaking softly
delicate lines pull us
tighter together
gusts of wind
brush past us
shrinking reflection
escaping the boundaries
of broken flaws
beneath the moonlight
I swim in blurry vision
wandering deeper
into the overgrown
memories and ideas
converge within the unknown
entwine into the surreal
inspire conversation
inspire awareness
something meaningful
created subconsciously
with intent and passion
shown the way
set at ease, I receive
I see the truth, the cycle of
birth / death / re-birth
releasing the body from
suffering and desire
Fragments.I loved him the way
I love the way
my dog's face bleaches
as we play fetch
year after year.
My breath comes
not in rises and falls
but in television static.
My thoughts are abyssal
and mostly messy memories
of his wrists.
I have regarded silence as a crutch
and a cathedral
but today it is a marinade.
You, who spoon fed me star fields
and held graveled ponds to my lips
and prompted me to drink.
What an honor
to have been the pen
you coiled your pipe cleaner mind around.
I spent Sunday
stumbling on tiptoe to gaze
into the black eyes of Susan.
Legacy of the sodiumLet´s flip the luck and land it on your hand,
esteemed doctor, let´s see if the internment all the
varying voices and scarecords
of mothers who fear a lifetime of
the hook and the chainball on the brain
has been considered worse and more
yoking than any
random conman
of the many fictions and fanzines
expecting the seasonal flock of
inassistants to schools and
nurses, vainly diplomed, all those decades of college and work...
emptied, useless, impotent, vain,superflos, vapid water,
but oh well, such is the legacy
-our legacy, oh cousin-:
when the blood spreads through anagrams
and you wreck your future
-and children-
thanks to it
my brain dillutes,
my walllet dillutes
and a conman laughs
as your aunt
keeps on calling him
"a holy man sent by God and aliens
to heal"
flourishing firesthe heavy heat seares itself into the hellish landscape
the hollow charred skeletons of the forest threateningly loom over the ashy floor
falling white flakes softly drift filtering through the blackened branches  
smoke slithers amongst the soot and glowing embers spiraling skywards
the scorched land exhales painfully smoke saturated breaths
contaminating the summer air like a second hand smoke drenched bar
black cancerous patches proliferate and metastasize
fires consumes over a million acres of land in a single country
children are filled with fear at the sight of a kermes colored sun
I’m also filled with fear as I view the night sky’s apocalyptic atmosphere
aphrasia overhelms my ability to speak
as images of the striking crimson moon flood my eyes
a red haze swirls and licks at it’s edges
“the moon has turned to blood” in my lifetime
just as prophesized in Purvis’ song played by Armstrong
I read the moon like a crystal ball
the future seems

El Brindis by vampirekingdom Regina degli Dei d'Argento by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A Stairway to Heaven by mj-magic PersimmonDown go the bells
As we strike out for home
The sun is not our friend; it's a red vagrant
Revolving through the solar system
This is the room-behind-doors version of Sol,
who rose with the seraphim's chorus at the first dawn;
yet having grown sullen in the passing eons, he haunts the fog banks of northern Scotland
We dip behind the monstrous boulders, their bulk is akin to railroad cars or houses
The tide is stage-whispering, well-along on a fortnight bender
He frequents the catacombs of Paris, gazing at the skeletons in repose,
Having long since passed out of living memory
But now he has returned, the master at the door, drunk on spirits and lasciviousness
We pause, listening to the sigh which shall soon escalate to a pained roar, the master blind drunk, smashing against the headland, battering the sentinel rocks...
Those great timekeepers which stand in the shallows, in appearance like a group of black-robed justices, pondering celestial trajectories and playing chess with the sand c
breath of the winter fewcolder still,
the welcome crisp
takes matters of state
and solidifies,
breaks down and synthesizes
one wake
then another,
no incentive
for stasis.
colder still,
it builds in the veins
and brilliantly frames
in refrain beloved.
everything touched
shines brighter.
one hymn
then another,
in wonder,
colder, but still

Rendezvous RondeauHundreds of faces sink inside my head,
Naught but sediment on a riverbed;
But among the washed-up sand, a shrub grows  
Caught between used wilderness and fallows.
Meet me where the shrub’s final seed has spread,
And under the foliage, we shall wed
Inside this dreamscape to which we have fled.
We will not awake when the rooster crows
For the “real world” has sunk inside my head.
From the fallows arose a grand farmstead
Where we store our memories in a shed
So if my brain should forget what it knows,
I shall always have what I now enclose –
Though I lose many to the shore ahead,
Your face will never sink inside my head.
gas stationyou walked me down an aisle of the grocery store on 58th and 9th at noon on a tuesday
we had to do two full laps of the the entire store because i kept forgetting what i was
going to be forgetting to eat
you held on to the front end of my cart and you led the way making sure it was my hands
that cradled around packaged raw chicken and loaves of whole wheat bread
i managed to not break down, not to cry in front of the children drooling in front of the
lucky charms
you managed to soothe me by looking at me, your blue eyes allowing me to not think
about all the food around me, about the sorry excuse for a breakfast that i had, about
having to remind myself that a grocery store is a gas station and i can’t run without fuel
instead i could think of you and your hands clinging to my unshapely body and your
ability to eat without gaining a pound
but most importantly how i was still here with you and that i had someone to help me carry
my grocery bags all the way home
DistanceLife is an evolving loop.
Walls crumble in boundless direction
quirks of fate across life-pages:
a friend of infinite years strikes distant, 
whist dashing a stranger 
becomes cherished beyond measure.
Kept to the Sunken ShipMany times as
the un-tread
much in a way
the Sun a
mirror's glass
will never feel,
ghost from the
potholes with a
trembling idiom of
deluding the
that travel upon
the path,
may not
perfectly command,
there they
laughed &
they feasted,
kept to the
sunken ship.
who can't die    the phased out
for nothing    with rabid conviction
met at the terminus of  one true path
 that wends through ceremonial horror
    to futurity
     even still    in glitching
empty     sketchily mapped
     zones of influence
of something dumb  and gigantic
  to be beyond the reach of
    is to not speak of
   the picture of health
the collapsing dilatory moment
     in cross-sections
   mechanically harvested
when we were warm to our bones
   the many-faced mother
      of the absolute
        to be blonde
        or a radical
with stones    and knives     and teeth
   we become non-linear
    recombinant versions
complete and without selves

Long Ago Dream_04 by caddman Begonia orange by hyneige D A R K  W I T C H by MirellaSantana Waiting For Ressurection (2017) by Kiriya Vaiettu Rakkaus by Yuukon
Silver and SaltThere had been no word for it when she had been a child but she had known it regardless. Born to a goddess and an once mortal Greek hunter. Her adoptive father had estimated that she had been conceived nine months past at the time when the veil between the world of the gods and the mundane realm was thinner.
Until she had met Alexander of Athens she had thought herself mortal, a princess of Ilios. But the black blood and her own shapeshifting ability proved otherwise. She loved him- had loved until his loss centuries later at the hand of the inquisition. It seemed to be her curse, to lose her loved ones. Alexander, her daughter of him. Even the child born of her uncle’s ill use after his coup had been born cold and still.
Midnight ticked over into the next day and she looked down, thankful it wasn’t the full moon. Samhain was enough for her liking. Like her mother, the daughter would be born on that night. Born to a man bound to the Wild Hunt. What the child would be given
when i was with you and embraced,
i was fondling those cheeks
silken yet strong like spiderwebs
with sharp fingertips,
and for the last time
allowed aura to lost itself
in the two little seas of irises
i used to daily bathe in,
you closed lids,
i opened my own,
thanking heaven
that it is not easy to have dreams anymore. 
GolemYou don't know me
Nobody does.
kind of.
Planting pot golem
smile carved, with a confident curve
a masterful flick of the wrist
Eye contact carefully doled and rationed
Sorted with worn hands into neat plentiful piles
Words: recipe made
Finely diced adjusting pinch of pace
Granular sprinkle of tone
Sommelier vernacular broth base
A plan
on the dusty floor, unfurling.
forming with outside water
cradled in mine gently cupped palms
With practiced ease
small gusts of life over my prone individualism
Stoke the flames with wide palm leaf, lazy green over sensuous smoke
A shape becomes itself
I pass the creature into your passive hand
A perfect fit
Place a chunk of me to your mouth
As I slip on the tongue
a tailored taste
Your cocksure mind, hands clenching
Dry surface crust cracks, thick earthly clay escaping through seams
A perfect displacement
A destruction, a mess of me
Like a coating film
your skin collects, drying pieces molding into fingerprints
a plush meeting
BelongingWe belong to the night
With stars hidden
Underneath our feet
Follow the fireflies home
Leave our flower crowns behind
While we hum on the drum
Of our heartbeats
Rewriting LeviticusI’m obsessed with the trade of
beautiful people and especially wives or slaves
or prostitutes who were at times the most
educated, independent, but those were just
exceptions, weren’t they, unlike the men who
wore their perfumed skins like softest leather
and then smothered them under their
mass delusions of hysteric femurs screaming
about a revolution to come and rip
their penises straight from their bodies,
and I think; whales have a language
we don’t understand, there’s never been
a system of government that doesn’t become
Feudalism in practice. I prayed to a god 3 times a day
just because someone told me to and once
I dreamt I was in an endless shopping complex
wandering through the twisting food court
lit by hexagonal fluorescent bulbs hanging
from twisted wreaths of lavender ivy with nothing
but a backpack full of water dripping behind me
which people slipped and died in--
--Decided on mediterranean and entered a store
much bigger within and sat at t

(Commission) Zophiel by fhelalr Fairy Tale by pompafunebris .: Land's End :. by retro2k Elo Sparrow Chest by elodie50a Carminia by Drusila333
opinethe nomenclature of
number ways
to partake in
this party
relies heavily on
fingertips and wit—
but beaten down
to sodden specifics,
we forget what
it is.
Talk Without EggshellsI just wanna talk without eggshells -
Peel back the layers
Let em fall to the floor
And not have to think of what came before
No fucking clean up
No bated breath
Just an open exchange
Where I don't have to guess.
Eggshells are cutting
They crunch underfoot
And I start forgetting
How clean swept floors felt
Why things started easy
How words fonted clear
And I wasn't screaming
To just make you hear
I'm getting tired of doing this dance
Of crunching on eggshells
Each bite of romance
Can we make this easy?
Drop the blame and the past?
Crack the shells that we're wearing
So this thing will last?
Can we make this easy?
Just let our love grow
Stop all the egging
And just let it go?
BelieverI do not need you
to pray for me.
I am a common woman,
by your kind:
those who point to me,
wanting to anoint me
with all things pure,
of my worth
until I feign their ways.
I am no follower
of fire and brimstone;
as your kind says of me:
I am too far gone.
Just for tonightThis has been your identity -
a cheekbone that shivers;
an apple white morning;
bits of bluebird gone to bones.
Accidental events tend to write
love letters that begin with
you left me with the light
glued to my own evil.

Is it any wonder we invented
return mail? The last question
is retracted.
What does not love, possesses.
But we pretend what moved the arm
was the wire; pretend what loves us,
loves us. And the nausea that jerks
like a chilled hand under warm water
is harmless.
Last Stand by Shin500
Luna ParkLuna Park  
A wonderland of fairy lights  
Every night a Christmas  
The moon above  
has little chance to cast a shadow  
and down below we boys play gay for real  
waiting for the waterslide  
then down we go  
to watery paradise  
and up we come  
to ride and slide just one more time  
on all the rides in Luna Park  
whirling in a dance of steel  
reeling in the fun house  
on rolling drums and falling down stairs  
with steps that disappear  
as ghosts on the train  
that leaves in just one more moment  
and so must we  
Luna Park by Lancelot Price 2017 August 27 an hour past midnight in the morning
At Dragons Ridge by Softyrider62 Sad Night by maiarcita your dog-teeth are showingI bet you're lying awake tonight in your stolen canopy bed.
I bet you're trying to catch a glimpse of the pale-face moon
from the Spring Pavilion terrace, after wandering the halls
in either your bare feet or moss-green and gold-trimmed slippers.
Oh I bet you can't sleep a wink, just like me..
At least, I hope not, dear cousin.
I hope your guilt is eating you up, from the inside.
I hope it feels like fish-hooks,
clinging mercilessly to your glazed-apple flesh.
Oh I can't stomach the image of you, staring up at a ceiling of
crane-white stars or water-color paintings, looking so serene;
feeling as though you truly deserve this kind of end-of-an-era peace.
So, yes; I turn myself into a weapon
as I sit here, beneath this mulberry tree.
After the initial shock had settled,
the mind-boggling fear I felt as I ran away
from my once warm and inviting birthplace; passing slowly,
I'd been filling up on hate and regret for days
because they are the only edible things that
my stomach has been able
OliverI took him that morning. My sister, as worn
as her son from his colic, needed rest.
I sat with him in the rocking chair—
both of us aching from his cries.
Eleven days old, the child was mine,
if only long enough to lull him
with the songs of my youth.
                   His back to my chest,
    my heartbeat strong behind him—
his frustration broke with the growl
of grunge. Eddie Vedder’s incoherence
soothed his screams, stole his focus.
We rocked back and forth
beginning to sync with the drums
and then I heard it:
                   the cadence
    of his calm breaths release.
I held my nephew close,
slouched down in that old chair,
each immersed in a new state
of love and trust.

the empty.there is something enchanting
  about empty buildings
it's like a separate dimension
        ((a secret))
i am a deep sea diver at the bottom of the ocean
  in a place of quiet and wonder
    s u s p e n d e d 
like a bird about to take flight
but footsteps echo bricks into glass houses
     and suddenly the magic is gone
i am once again a girl 
  in a world too big for me
to understand
Druidess Ritual by pompafunebris Hell by EvolPS Darkness.Night settles
like a sweater
over the city
its electrical spool
laces the dark
with yellow
and laminates
sparkling brown
Darkness is the
final navigator
the last one
in the room
after lights dim
and flicker out
Mary contrary
Merry, merry go round and round
The merry go round
Rosemary hills and strawberry fields of eiderdown
Castles in the night, giants in the sky
The thirteenth hour
Encounter clockwise
Owl inside the hourglass
Counter clockwise
Quartets a quarter past the hour
The clock struck twelve,
Out came the cuckoo bird with an eye glass
Coil sprung, gears and cogs, wind up toys,
pendulum wheels and spinning tops
Out jumped Larry in a secondhand jack in the box
A jokers hand a wild card on a hat trick
Wiser the fool who wares the jesters hat

Glasgow cathedral by newcastlemale singular absolutetime, a neverending strand -
a moment is, then it's not
replaced, replaced again
seen as continuance
each of us with experience
personal impressions
happenings, colors, sounds -
emotion grown to tangibility
the now, then the then, remembered -
all subjective, false construction
the sole absolute truth:
there is no absolute truth
llp - dA - aug2017
How Little Agony Stings - Trigger Warningand when we're able to, we'll joke
that there are no local hospitals left
none without this anchor of ghostweight
tied to both its memory and ours
at 27 weeks, my hands find familiar places
one in yours
and one tense on the bedside rail
gripped like the balcony handrail
as its building collapses
and i let go, halfway down
in case we're dead enough already
to just sink softly into the ground
at 27 weeks,
we weren't supposed to be here
discussing her in third person, speculating
how life can only be helped along so much
until it has to find its own foothold
but we're back
on the dark side of the clock
and its bloodmoon tide
where birds become mere amassments of charge,
hope and heartbeat
breath to be taken elsewhere
and then just unbecome
and as we slip below the surface
of disbelief
it's here, just shy of bottom
that i realize
how little agony stings
in the numb of true defeat
how its venom overtakes with doubt
in a sedate haze of normalcy,
how it breaks your right to any expectation
Premade background - HalloweenTime6-2017 by Euselia Proposal by Black-B-o-x


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